How to cheat/hack in Clicker Heroes with Cheat Engien 6.4 STEAM VERISON

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In this video I show you how to get infinate money/hero souls/dps

Como ter dinheiro infinito no Clicker Heroes

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Lets Hack Ep.2: Clicker Heroes! (1080p) [English]

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In this video I will be “hacking” Clicker Heroes, a popular PC and Android/iOS game that gets its fame from being satisfying and hard to put down once you have started tapping. The devs for this game are absolutely amazing at what they do and they did great when it came to making this a challenging hack to do. Though after some scanning and prowling the internet for tips, I finally figured out how to do this with Game Guardian! I hope you all enjoyed, please leave a like if you did!!! It helps a TON

Game Guardian:

Clicker Heroes:

Nox Android Emulator:


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Very recently I made a video of me playing a game called clicker heroes. Today, I learn how to hack that game.

I was taught by Neoaptt 🙂 Check out his channel if you liked this one! We also made a video together hacking the game, Idling To Rule The Gods.

Cheat Engine Download:
Clicker Heroes Download:
Idling To Rule The Gods Hacking Video:
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Hack Cheat | Clicker Heroes [FR] 2016

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Hack Cheat | Clicker Heroes [FR] 2016

Voila un petit cheat pour vous aidez dans votre aventure de clicker heroes

Normalement le lien de DL de cheat engine :

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A lire :
Vous voulez tout avoir dans le jeu de manière illimité ? Vous voulez vous éclatez ? Cette video est faite pour vous !
Pensez à aimer et à la mettre dans vos favoris svp ! =)
Ensemble on peut tout faire ! 😀
Le lien de jeu :
Le lien du site :

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Clicker Heroes Speedhack Tutorial

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Kommentiertes Gameplay von DostLP (2015)
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Clicker Heroes glitch – xbox one (tip to 3600)

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***IMPORTANT*** Watch my new video about the recent update to get the most relevant information about the glitch and if you want to download the patch. It has a lot of benefits and only 1 drawback.

Make sure to get the achievement for the total kills before you start this!

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Song used Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Mighty & High

Step 1 Open the game and save, then close it
Step 2 Go to the settings and then go offline
Step 3 Reset the xbox
Step 4 Change date to the future of 2024
Step 5 Open game and use abilities
Step 6 Save the game and close it
Step 7 Change your time to 1933 and open up the game
Now save the game and close it, then repeat from 4 and after.

(To trigger the save, pause and unpause the game)

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AutoIT Tip – Clicker Heroes hack click

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Tool hack:
On/Off Auto Click: Control + Shift + C

Source Code:
#cs —————————————————————————-

AutoIt Version:
Author: LeeSai

Script Function:
Auto Click

#ce —————————————————————————-

; Script Start – Add your code below here


$ Clicking = False

While 1
if($ Clicking) Then _clicking()

Func _clicking()
ToolTip(‘Clicking ‘&@MSEC,0,0)

Func _click_toogle()
$ Clicking = Not $ Clicking
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Clicker Heroes Hack – Unlimited Rubies & Hero Souls Online Generator*HOT*

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Clicker Heroes Hack – Unlimited Rubies & Hero Souls Online Generator*HOT*

Hello youtube community,our team of experienced coders managed to get a way through the game’s security system and we proudly present you the latest version of our h a c k to cheat the game systemthe link is here:

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